Live Baccarat Table

A popular casino game, baccarat was the first mainnet dReam Table. It accepts dReam tokens for betting. Baccarat has now been integrated into the dReams app. 

Contract Address:


How to play

To play you will need a Dero wallet and connection to a synced Dero node. Visit the Dero documents page for more info on how to set up a node.

Download and start the app.

Enter your login info, wallet & daemon RPC address and press connect. You should see the connected box checked if successfully connected.

You will need some dReams to place a bet. You can get dReams in the wallet tab. Select the amount of Dero you'd like to spend and click the 'Get dReams' button. A confirmation box will appear to confirm the transaction amount. Click 'Ok' and you will get a TXID confirming your transaction. dReam balance is displayed in game and you can also verify your dReams balance in your Dero wallet using the dReams smart contract ID.

To place a bet on player, select the amount of dReams you'd like to wager then click on the 'Player' button. Once your hand is recorded on chain, it will display your cards on the screen. You can bet on player, banker or tie. No combination bets. 

When you are done playing you can cash out your dReams for Dero in the wallet tab. Enter the amount of dReams you'd like to trade and click 'Get Dero'. Click 'Ok' and you will get a TXID to confirm the transaction.


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