Poker Tables

The concept behind these poker tables is to give players control of their own private table without any third party. Five Card Draw & Holdero (Texas Hold'em) tables have been released on mainnet. The owner of the table sets the ante/limits and table specs. Similar to our Baccarat we are using an app to interface with the table smart contract, the smart contract controls all the cards and betting. Winner takes the Dero pot. Six players max, no limit single raise. Holdero has been integrated into the dReams app. Download the app and get your own table automatically set up with the click of a button. Invite your friends to the table and show off your custom cards. To help with gas fees and incentivize table owners to keep tables open, owner will receive 1.5% of the pot on payout and the other 98.5% goes to the winner. 



How to play Holdero

Holdero is the Dero version of Texas Hold'em. Owners can choose to play with blinds and or antes. To play you will need a Dero wallet and connection to a synced Dero node. Visit the Dero documents page for more info on how to set up a node.

Download and start the app. Enter your login info, wallet & daemon RPC address in the then press 'Connect'. You should see the connected boxes checked if successfully connected.  

In the contracts tab you will see a list of publicly indexed tables.  Click on one to connect to it. Enter your preferred display name and select your avatar in the assets tab. 

Go to the Holdero tab to view the table. Press the 'Sit Down'  button to grab a open seat. If the game is started you will have to wait until the round is over to be delt cards. 

Once you are in the game, you will be prompted when it's your turn. First you can either 'Deal Hand' which will submit your ante and blinds, hand key and deal you your two cards, or you can 'Leave Table' if you do not want to play the round. Next turn you'll be prompted to either 'Bet' or 'Check', if there is already a bet you will have the option to 'Fold' or 'Call/Raise'. Game is a single no limit raise. Just like traditional hold'em three more rounds of betting take place before players hands are revealed.

After all betting is finished players submit their hand keys to the contract so their hands can be revealed to other players, this is done automatically. The end results will now be displayed. If players have folded those hands will not be revealed. Owners get 1.5% of every pot. 

If you'd like to own your own table, in the menu press 'Unlock' to get one automatically set up. After the table is unlocked you can press 'New Table' to generate further new tables for public or private use. For more information, or if you need support join our Telegram group.

Owners Controls

When you click on a table owned by your wallet the owners controls will pop up. To set up the table select how many players and how much the ante and blinds will be. Adjust payout and time out settings if required and select Dero, or Assets if playing with tokens. Press 'Set Table'. Your table is now open and awaiting players. If you'd like to start the game with open seats press 'Force Start'.

To close the table, select the close table option from the drop down then press 'Set Table'. Your table is now closed. The 'Clean Table' button will withdraw any request funds from the contract and shuffle the deck  (use ante box to select withdraw amount in atomic units). 

Owners can choose to share their custom NFA decks with the other players at the table by enabling the 'Shared Decks' option after selecting your cards.

Asset Collections